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Charlotte, NC


A gallery of my jewelry designs, and maybe some thoughts about them.

NoDa Arts Market

Thoughts and Such

NoDa Arts Market

Felicia Baucom

I participated in the NoDa Arts Market on Saturday, March 7. This was my first time selling jewelry at this event, and it was my first craft show in a while. It was nice getting back into the swing of things. It was also nice to sell a few things too. The only unfortunate thing about the day was attending a wine tasting the night before, so I was recovering from that. If anyone met me for the first time that day and I seemed a little off, that was probably why.

The picture above shows my part of the table. I've made a lot of pieces over the year but only displayed the ones here.

I also participated in the SHIFT Charlotte event last Saturday, March 14. I think I had a better display at that event than I did at NoDa, but I don't have a photo. Anyway, it was fun to do that one again. It was also interesting for me to see the connections I had with some of the people there, including one of the chiropractors and a yoga studio. I even saw the officiant for our wedding. I did not talk to her though, figuring she may not remember me out of context and it has been three years. I did take some time to sit with one of the readers there and she provided some great insight into some questions I've had lately. After the event, my friend Lori and I debriefed over dinner and wine to round out the day.