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A gallery of my jewelry designs, and maybe some thoughts about them.

Enamel Technique

Thoughts and Such

Enamel Technique

Felicia Baucom

Lately I've been playing with ice resin and making a few pieces that will hopefully eventually sell. As I prepared for another resin pendant idea using glitter, I came across embossing powder. I wasn't sure how it would work with resin (so far it's fine), so I did some research. And in my research, I came across a technique using embossing powder and washers. I was very intrigued, and if I wasn't comfortable on the couch at that moment I might have run right out to find a washer.

I managed to practice some patience, and besides I had to get started on my resin pendants first. Today while I was out and about I finally got ahold of some washers at Lowe's (I stopped by Harbor Freight first but they only had small washers and I wanted to work with a larger size). I did the experiment after I got settle at home, and voila! I have a faux enamel pendant. There was a bit of a mess, as there usually is the first time I try something new, but it worked.

So now I have another technique to play with, and hopefully new and unique ideas to go along with it.